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Jinan Education

Jinan City carries out a strategy of rejuvenating the city by developing on science and education. There were toyally 46 technological centers, among which 8 are state-level and 14 are provincial-level. In addition, 39 high tech enterprises were newly approved. Education has been prospering in Jinan. Nowadays it has ranked among the most advanced cities nationwide in terms of quality-oriented education; including 20 institutes of higher learning and 26 polytechnic schools.

The government has worked out various strategies to attract international students in the past 10 years. For instance, the International School (IS) of Jinan University, based on the policy of offering higher educational needs of overseas Chinese and foreigners, has attracted numerous international students to pursue their study here. It is a comprehensive, public institution with flexible modes of learning, which can encourage innovation in information and communication technologies, as well as peer interaction. All of the courses are taught in English and provide a truly international classroom and learning environment. Nowadays, IS has cooperated with numerous institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In addition, Shandong University has attached great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and has established extensive academic ties internationally. So far it has established cooperation with more than 120 universities in over 40 countries and regions. It is among the first universities in China’s mainland to accept international students and to offer Chinese programs to them. Since 1980, the university has accepted international students from over 100 countries, and currently, it has more 2,000 regular international students.

As a renowned city with thousands of years of cultural deposit, Jinan has established a complete set of education system. Many famous universities are located in Jinan, the superior ones are among the following:

Shandong University
Shandong Normal University
University of Jinan
Shandong Institute of Business and Technology
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

To attract foreign students, the local government has set various scholarships. For example, Shandong University Scholarship is set up by Shandong University, in order to encourage international students to come to study at Shandong University. Outstanding international students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship provided in Jinan. Excellent international students studying in Jinan University can apply for scholarship for advanced study, general post-graduate students (master and doctor), etc.