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B.A. Degree program in Chinese language (Concentration: Economics/Trade)

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Duration: 4 Years
Starting Date: Sep 02, 2024
Application Deadline: Jul 10, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 20,000 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
HSK: Level 3
Schools: Other

The students are going to be trained to have a good master of Chinese language and a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese society and culture. They will be familiar with Chinese economic laws concerning international trade, and be competent in dealing with the international business and communication in Chinese after this B.A. degree study.
Basic Requirements:
The students who are majoring in Chinese language are required to have a good command of Chinese language and culture, the basic theories of international trade and Chinese economic laws for foreigners, and to possess a better knowledge of Chinese language. They are also required to experience the basic training of cross-cultural business behavior and comparison between Chinese economic laws and foreign economic laws. They should have a certain ability of practical operation and analysis in business activities using Chinese language.
Knowledge and Abilities for Graduates:
A.       HSK (Level 8), better abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation of Chinese language;
B.       Being familiar with Chinese culture and history;
C.       Understanding Chinese economic policies and laws;
D.       Knowing the basic theories and methods of international finance and trade;
E.        Using Chinese in operation of computer;
F.        Being aware of the basic theories and methods of cross-cultural business behavior.
Main Subjects:
Chinese Language, International Economics and Trade
Main Courses:
Basic Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Chinese Intensive Reading, Listening Comprehension, Oral Chinese, Chinese Writing, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Lexicology, Linguistics, A Survey of China, Economic Laws, International Investment and Multinational Business, International Trade Laws, Finance, Business Negotiation, International Settlement, Cross-cultural Business Behavior, Theory and Techniques of Translation, Chinese Computer Operation, etc.
Learning Practice:
15 weeks for Appreciation of Chinese Films and TV Programs, Test of Pu Tong Hua Phonetics, Learning Practice, and Thesis Writing.
Relative Majors:
Chinese language and literature, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
The student will be awarded a Bachelor Degree after his/her successful completion of 161 credits in four years study.
Application Time:
The application time for the spring semester (starting from the Feb.) is from 1st, Dec to 31st, Jan;
The application time for the autumn semester (starting from Sept.) is from 10th, May to 30th, Ju

High school graduate, non-Chinese citizen with Old HSK Band 3 or New HSK Band 4 (Total Score: over 200) for Medicine, Science and Engineering, Original certificate of Old HSK Band 6 or New HSK Band 5 (Total Score: over 180) for the program of Liberal Arts
1.  Photocopy of valid passport
With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2 Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3.  Graduation certificate of high school
Graduation certificate should be in Chinese or English.If not, it should be translated into Chinese or English and be notarized.

4.  Academic transcript of high school

5.  HSK Certificate (No need for English-taught program)
Level 3 or above