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11th ‘Tongzhou Cup’ Dragon Boat Race at Tongji

On the afternoon of May 25th, Tongji teachers and students gathered by the Tongzhou Riverside at the Jiading Campus for the 11th ‘Tong Zhou Cup’ Dragon Boat Race. The theme of the race was Tong Zhou Gong Ji, which literally means rowing forward together on the same boat.

At the opening ceremony, students from the Dragon Dance Association and the university dance troupe staged spectacular performances. Twelve teams from different schools and colleges of Tongji, external associations, and the industry joined the race in two categories of Academy and the Competition. After eight preliminary rounds in the Academy category, Chinesisch-Deutsche Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften won the First Prize; School of Software Engineering and School of Electronics and Information Engineering won the Second Prizes; and the Third Prizes went to School of Economy and Management, School of Automotive Studies, and College of Transportation Engineering. In the Competition category, Zhanyou Association garnered the First Prize with a score of 55.59 seconds; Shanghai Power at Jiading District ranked second by a narrow margin; and international students team of Tongji took the third place.

In addition, Experience Canoeing activities and a demonstration race between a racing boat and the dragon boat were organized during the event.

Dragon Boat Race is a traditional activity at the Jiading Campus, Tongji University, which aims to promote Chinese traditional culture among teachers and students, and to inherit the ethos and culture of Tongji. The race is also a good opportunity to showcase student strong will of striving for excellence at Tongji.