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Parent-Child Activities Held on International Children's Day

With the approach of the International Children's Day (June 1st), a variety of parent-child activities were organized and held by the University Labor Union and Women’s Committee of Tongji University.

On May 19th, the Parent-Child Carnival on the theme of ‘Grow in Health’ was held in the South Campus Gymnasium. All Party members of the University Labor Union and Women’s Committee were working as volunteers. Such activities, being interesting and entertaining, included the Little Guide, Kangaroo Jump, Inverted Monkeys Hanging, Through the Tunnel, and Walking in Large Shoes. The kids, be they young or old, threw themselves to the matches while remaining highly focused and making meticulous efforts. Their fantastic performance won standing ovations and plaudits of audiences with kids applauding and cheering merrily.

On the evening of June 1st, the children’s play Ugly Duckling was staged at the 129 Auditorium by performers from the University Labor Union, the Experimental Primary School Attached to Tongji University, and the Parent-Child Association of University Faculty. Meanwhile, the Women’s Committee also invited the Zhongwei Percussion Orchestra to bring a June-1 special concert to the kids, which was greeted with warm applause and cheers. The event also invited some kids to perform drumming and play as musical conductors. Many of them went to the stage and tried out the percussion instruments.