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2nd Grand Ceremony of Student Clubs in Tongji

The 2nd Grand Ceremony of Student Clubs in Tongji, on the theme of ‘planning for a new future, dreaming in a new era’, was staged at Auditorium 129 on the evening of June 3rd. A total of more than 600 audience attended the ceremony, including leaders from the University League Committee, supervisors and core members from student clubs, and Tongji students.
As important channels of inheriting and promoting the university culture, the 228 registered student clubs in Tongji can be broadly categorized into seven groups including academic research and technology, public service, Chinese traditional culture and career development. The Grand Ceremony of Student Clubs in Tongji sought to demonstrate in an artistic way student accomplishments and creations in promoting and enhancing Chinese traditional culture, the university culture of Tongji and public culture. There were three chapters in this year`s ceremony, featuring the past, present and future responsibilities of Tongji University respectively. In addition, during the ceremony, Excellent Club Supervisors, Excellent Club Presidents, and Five-Star Student Club for the academic year 2017-2018 were awarded for their contributions to the long-term development of student clubs.