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2018 Tongji International Construction Festival Comes to an End

On June 10th, the ‘2018 Tongji International Construction Festival and FENGYUZHU Plastic Polypropylene Sheet Design and Construction Competition’ came to a successful conclusion. This Festival saw a variety of ingenious and magical plastic-plate-made ‘houses of design’ of square, spherical, triangular, and arched shapes presenting rich images of petals, stars, moons, rivers, and bridges.

The Festival kicked off at 9:00 on June 9th. It not only received the participation of six teams made of freshmen from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and one freshman team from the College of Civil Engineering of Tongji University, but it also invited representatives from 11 architectural institutes from North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia, participants from 16 colleges and universities specialized in architecture, such as the School of Architecture of Southeast University and the School of Architecture of Tianjin University, as well as a freshman team from the School of Architecture of Feng Chia University.
The Competition took the poetry, QiuXi (The Double Seventh Night) of DU Mu, a renowned poet of the Tang Dynasty, as the design source to encourage participants to give rein to their imagination, and to bring the special properties of plastic hollow plates into full use through the creation of diverse and vibrant spaces and styles.

Gathering at the Square of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, participants from home and abroad all busied themselves with the design and construction of their ‘houses’ by using hollow plastic plates, bolts, and other simple tools to build ‘houses of design’ with each measuring about 6 to 8 square meters.


On the evening of June 9th, 35 plastic-plate houses of white color and varied styles gradually came into shape after eight hours of efforts by each team, standing in rows on both sides of the Square, naturally forming a spectacular ‘Temporary Student Street.’

The Festival was organized by the National Steering Committee of Architecture Education in China and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, and was sponsored by the Shanghai Fengyuzhu Exhibition Co., Ltd.