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Tongji University Held the First On-Campus Recruitment of 2015

The first on-campus recruitment 2015 of Tongji University, titled Direct to the Job Market, was held in the hall of the Complex Building, Siping Road Campus, on the afternoon of March 17th. It was the beginning of the On-Campus Recruitment Month this spring. The recruitment was sponsored by the placement office of Tongji University, with the support of the Schools of Civil Engineering and of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The On-Campus Recruitment Month will hold three special recruitments during March and April in order to promote the employment of graduates, as well as to meet the demands of the employing units. This first recruitment provided 100 stalls for the 97 employing units, which took part in it. Employment units included: China State Construction Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design, China Construction First Division Group Ltd., China Communications Construction Company, Second Highway Engineering Ltd., and Kerry Properties. Most of the employing units are located in Shanghai, while some others came from Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong. The businesses of the employing units covered architecture, biology, communications, real estate, consultancy, education, energy sources, manufacturing and media.

Guided by the staff, students participating in the recruitment entered the hall orderly. According to statistics, over 800 students from various schools or departments of Tongji University participated in the recruitment. Most of them were graduates of 2015. However, some students who were not from Tongji, or who were not this year’s graduates also came to obtain more information about employment and to prepare for their future careers.

There were long queues in front of the recruitment stalls. The recruitment lasted for three hours in an active and well-ordered way. It reached the goal of the organizer, and was a good start of the On-Campus Recruitment Month.