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Graduation Ceremony for 2012 IESD Master Candidates

The graduation ceremony for 2012 IESD master candidates was held at Tongji University on June 5th, 2014. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. LI Fengting, the Vice dean of IESD. Prof. Wu Jiang, Vice President of Tongji University, also the Dean of IESD, Mr.Kaveh Zahedi, Regional Director, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) were invited to deliver their congratulation speeches to all the graduates.

Prof. Wu recalled the progress that IESD has made in the last decade on academic communication, education, and international cooperation, showing his sincerely great expectations to all the IESD young graduates. Mr.Kaveh Zahedi emphasized the purposes and aims of the academic and education collaboration of UNEP, and expressed his strong support and appreciation to IESD’s consistent endeavor for cultivating future leaders and managers. He invited more students from IESD could go for an internship or work in UNEP, thus get a better understanding of the mission of the youth for environment protection. The present leaders and teachers showed warm congratulations to all the candidates from all around the world, encouraging them to move forward to the future careers of global environmental protection and sustainability. Two salutatorians of this year, CHU Dan(China) and Dauglas Juma (Kenya) gave their short speeches, strongly expressed their appreciation for the two years’ study in IESD and Tongji, and expressed their best wishes for all their classmates, hoping all of them could contribute to the environmental issues longer with their initial enthusiasm. 

After the speeches, the 2012 graduates went up one by one to get their certifications, and accept the blessing and wishes from the leaders and teachers. Group photos were taken then as another important memory in their study life. 

In the final of the ceremony, the students also had a close talk with the officer from the UNEP, Mr.Kaveh Zahedi, expressed their idea on environmental protection and consulted a lot issues about the UNEP internship.

The graduation ceremony achieved a great success finally.