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 Applying for Visa to Enter China
Students who are going to study in China should apply for an entry visa of X or F (less than 6 months’ study duration). After receiving all the required application materials and application fee, and a confirmation of the student’s admission, the International Student Office will prepare Admission Notice, JW202 Form and International Student Guide in 2 weeks, and send those 3 documents according to the method students have provided while applying.
Students should use Admission Notice and JW202 Form to apply for X-Visa (with a Health Certificate issued by the hospital designated by the Embassy or Consulate) or F-Visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the student’s home country.
Students must process the registration with the valid ordinary passport and visa with enough validity.

Residence Permit (study)
Full-time students, including: the degree program students, students of Preparation program before major study, students of full-time long-term Chinese program, and the general or senior scholars of advanced study must use RP or F visa while studying at Tongji University:
Degree program students: Must use RP (study) processed by the help of the International Student Office. Residence Permit (RP) is a legal residence certificate issued to a foreign individual to work or study in China by the Ministry of Public Security of China. During its validity it allows multiple entries to Chinese mainland.
Students of long-term Chinese program, scholars of advanced study: Use RP or F visa. But if the validity of F visa is less than study period, it must be changed to RP (study) with the help of International Student Office.
Self-funded students must pay for the total tuition of one semester or an academic year before International Student Office issues the Office Letter for processing. Fees of relevant documents preparation and processing charge are paid by students themselves, no matter self-funded or scholarship covered.

Validity of RP & Processing Charge
Self-funded: it is valid at the end of the first academic year for the degree program students, and then can be extended to the end of the whole academic period one time or by times; for full-time students of long-term Chinese program or scholars of advanced studies, the validity of one’s RP is in accordance with the tuition he or she paid.
Scholarship covered (SGS or CSC): for the major study students, the validity can be the same with the whole academic period, processing by one time or extended for several times. For the Chinese training program students, the valid duration is the same with the program period.
Charge : 1day ≦ validity of RP ﹤ 1 year :400RMB
1year ≦ validity of RP ﹤ 3 years : 800RMB
3year ≦ validity of RP ﹤ 5 years : 1000RMB
Documents for Applying RP (study):
1  Original Passport
2  Application Form for Visa or Residence Permit
3  1 photo (3cm X 4cm)
4  School Letter (after full tuition payment)
5  JW201 or JW202 Form
6  Original Admission Notice
7  Copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR)
1)Students check into the International Student Center must draw RFTR within 24 hours;
2)Students move in the apartment outside campus must draw RFTR from the local police station with the passport and renting contract within 24 hours. If one’s school registration goes first than moving in the apartment, he or she can fill out an International Student Office form for residence register and show to the local police station while applying the RFTR.
3)Students must go to draw RFTR every time they move to a new apartment, and should hand in its photocopy to International Student Office. Meanwhile, one must apply a School Letter to register a residence change at visa center in 10 days if his or her RP is handled by International Student Office.
8 Health Certificate
1)Students who apply for RP for the first time or reapply for RP 3 months after the first RP expired must go for a health check;
2)Although students with X visa did health check in the home country, they must go to the designated hospital at Shanghai for verification and pay for it themselves; otherwise they can’t get the Health Certificate
3)The designated hospital is Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center (15 Jinbang Road, near Hami Road). The Tel. No. for appointments is 021-62688851. Required documents to the hospital: passport, copy of passport, Student’s Card/copy of Admission Notice, 4 photos (3cm X 4cm), original papers of blood-test and Health Certificate obtained abroad (for verification only), RMB500.

Other Items:
Collective Processing
The International Student Office will schedule collective processing only one time at the beginning of each semester. Other time, one has to go to Visa Center (1500 Minsheng Rd., PuDong District) by him/herself. Consulting Tel. of Visa Center is 28951900.

Expiry & Cancel
Once the study finishes, students must leave China before the expiry date of RP (study) or F-Visa. If one decides to continue the study, he or she must set apart enough time for processing extension within the validity. If a student is dismissed or drops out, he must go to the visa center to cancel RP (study) with relevant documents get from the International Student Office and receive another month’s temporary visa.

Visa of Student’s Relatives
Relatives of students (spouse, children under 18-years old, parents or guardian of a student under 18-years old) can stay in China only with an L-Visa. ICES can issue the School Letter for its extension as long as the student submits the identification letter of their relations.
Relative’s L visa can be extended 2 times in one year for at most 6 months long each time, and its valid duration must be within that of the student’s RP. Passport, copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR), the identification letter and 1 photo (3cm X 4cm) of each relative is needed for processing.

Loss of Passport and Changes of Relevant Information
Go to the International Student Office within 10 days to get the related documents, then to the visa center or visa office to process it. A new Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR) is required to change the address.
If the passport loses, one should report to the International Student Office first, then go to visa center to register. After receiving a new passport from the embassy or consulate of his own country, one should prepare all the documents required and apply for a new visa or RP.