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Student Service

MEDICAL EXAMINATION OR CERTIFICATE All new international students shall have a Chinese official medical examination or get official certificate in the personal papers. The International Students Office of Tongji University will invite Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to offer this service at the Sino-French College on the Tongji Campus on August 31st, September 7th, September 22nd, 2011. The students absent at this service on the Campus, come to the official place in Shanghai by themselves with appointment reservation (Address:15 Jin-bang Road, Shanghai; Reservation tel: 0086-21-62688851). A.For Medical Examination, please bring:  Passport (Original and Copy versions);  Admission Letter (copy version);  Passport Photo (4 photos);  Medical Examination Fee (Chinese currency): 600 RMB. B.For Medical Certificate Authentication, please bring:  Passport (Original and Copy versions);  Admission letter (copy versions);  Passport Photo (4 photos);  All original medical examination certificates and results with (including local  medical examination records, Blood test, etc.)  Medical Examination Fee (Chinese currency): 600 RMB Notice: Students failing in the Medical Certificate Authentication are asked to be re-examined. Whoever refuses to take the medical examination or fails in the medical examination cannot be accept as international students studying in the Tongji University, and return to the home country. The relevant expense shall be paid by the students themselves.( The Chinese Government Scholarship students, if he/she has, will be invalid). RESIDENCE PERMIT The international students willing to live on the Campus are required to apply for residence with the application papers before entry from the Tongji International Student Office. The Students in city residents have to get the Residence Permits in due time from Public Security Bureau. For the students to stay in China more than 6 months, the residence certificate is necessary according to the regulations issued by Bureau of Exit–Entry Administration of Shanghai. International Students Office of Tongji University will invite the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau to Tongji Campus to offer the service for new international students at the Sino-French College on September 15, and September 30, 2011. For those who cannot come on the appointed time, please get it by themselves at the Bureau at 1500 Min-Sheng Road, Shanghai Tel: 0086-21-28951900. A.Residence Information: International students with X visas are asked to get Residence Permits within 30 days after their entry. For the international students with F visas and valid visa period, the Resident Permit is unnecessary in condition of staying in China no international trip. International students with L visas are asked to get the Residence Permit within 30 days after their entry. B.For Residence Permit:  Application Form of Resident Permit;  Passport;  Admission notice (Original and Copy versions);  JW201 or JW202 Form (Original and Copy versions);  Temporary Accommodation Registration Form (Original and Copy versions);  Physical Examination Report;  The Introduction Letter of Tongji University;  Passport Photo (1 photo);  Application fee:400-800 RMB HOUSING REGULATIONS A.On-campus Housing 1) Only Tongji International Students themselves can be accommodated in the campus dormitory buildings. 2) Graduates, undergraduates Master candidates are accommodated in the double room (two students share one room); Ph.D. candidates and Senior Advanced Scholars can be in the single room. 3) The International Students Service Center is responsible for the administration the campus housing with the Tongji International Students Accommodation Regulation. 4) When check-in, the deposit of 1500 RMB and the pre-housing expense for one semester are asked to pay. 5) The international students without scholarship shall hand in the housing extension application for the next semester 20 days before. 6) During the stay on–campus, any change in the room has to be applied for in advance. 7) The electricity bill shall be paid in advance, but free for 120 kilowatt monthly per person. The students with the full scholarship free for 200 kilowatt monthly per person, but pay for the over-quota electricity. 8) During check-in, the Housing Contract is asked to sign. 9) Contacts of International Students Service Center: B.Off-campus Housing The international students staying off-campus shall come to the International Students Office of Tongji University for the Registration Form of Off-campus Housing to make the registration in the local police station of the residence within 24 hours after entering China. INSURANCE The international students are required to pay 300 Yuan RMB per semester for the Chinese comprehensive insurance according to the regulations of the Chinese Education Ministry, Please see detail below. Security Tips 1) Safeguard your passport, credit card, cash, computer, camera, jewelry and so on and so forth. 2) Lock the door before leaving the room. Be sure not to leave the key in the lock. 3) Ask for the receipt while taking taxi. 4) Consciously comply with traffic regulations and pay attention to traffic security. 5) Ask for help timely while in trouble. Location of Hospitals 1) University Hospital: the school gate at Chifeng Road on main campus. 2) Xinhua Hospital: 1665 Kongjiang Road. Take Bus 80 or Bus 843 opposite Zhangwu Building. 3) Number One People’s Hospital: 85 Wujin Road. Take Bus 55 near the main gate.