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College of Automotive Engineering

The College of Automotive Engineering was formally established in the Shanghai International Auto City in Jiading District on April 28th 2002. It was founded by the merger of the Automotive Engineering Department, New Energy Center of Automotive Engineering and the College of Automobile Marketing and Management in accordance with the requirements of the Shanghai International Auto City. The College aims at becoming an open and international college with a progressive, advanced curriculum. It provides people with knowledge of engineering, marketing and management as well as technology support for the development of the Shanghai International Auto City and the country's automobile industry.

There are sixty-four staffs in the College, of who nineteen are full professors, sixteen associate professors and thirteen lecturers. The College offers five Bachelor's degree programs, three Master degree Programs and two PhD degree programs to 730 full-time undergraduate students, 124 Master degree students, and 27 PhD students. There are eleven post-doctoral researchers in the postdoctoral mobile research station. In addition, the College has set up jointly with several large and medium-sized enterprises, a work station for internship training of Master students in Engineering. Meanwhile, the College has conducted extensive collaborative programs with several famous universities in America and Germany.

The College has sophisticated research facilities including various testing tables for cars and spare parts, large scale software for design and analysis, and a Testing and Trial Production Base.

The College has been active in research for the car industry and has completed a number of state and local key research projects.

The Training Center of the College, committed mainly to adult education, provides people from the auto industry with Master’s program in engineering. It runs a variety of midterm and short term training programs in Automotive Engineering Technology, Marketing Management and Aftersale Service and has already offered nearly a hundred training courses for manufacturers of cars and spare parts, car retailers, and repair services in the country. As a training base in Shanghai for the China Automobile Association and for the China Automobile Dealers Association, the training center has been authorized to conduct qualification trainings for new car dealers and second-hand car dealers; hence it creates a favorable environment for personnel development in automobile marketing and management. The training center enjoys an excellent reputation in the automobile industry.