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Student Service

Banks around Our University:
 ① Bank of China Meilong Branch (No.260 Meilong Rd.)
 ② Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Longzhou Rd. Branch (No. 255 MeilongRd.)
 ③ Agricultural Bank of China (AGBC) Linyun Branch (No.300 Meilong Rd.)
 ④ Bank of China Shanghai Branch (No.23, Zhongshan Rd. East 1)
Post Office:
The ECUST Post Office of Shanghai Post Bureau (No. 132 Meilong Rd.)
 ① Clinic of ECUST: ( inside campus )
 ② Zhong Shan Hospital ( No.180 Feng Lin Rd. Tel: 64041990, you can go there by Bus 957)
 ① There is an Internet Café on the first floor of the Library.
     Charge: 2 RMB\ Hour
 ② You can also apply for ADSL for your own dorm in the office of Tel-Communication on the
     first floor of  the Admission  Building.
     Tel: 64253300.
     Charge: 150 RMB for equipments, 650/800 RMB\Year.

Campus Card
 ①  Please go the Campus Card Center (east of the main gate of the university) for application.
     Cost for the campus card: Degree students (bachelor, master and doctor) are 15 RMB,
     Language students and other students are 28 RMB. In case of lost, please claim it in this
     center and pay 28 RMB for a new one.
     Tel: 64253278.
 ② You can put deposit in your campus card in the Campus card center or any Chinese
    students Canteens.
      There are 201 telephones in your rooms for local and international calls. (You can buy the 201 cards in the campus supermarket, shops)
Other Useful Institutions:

Sketch Map of the location of Bureau of Exit-Entry Administration of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau (B.E-EA of SMPSB)
 ① Close the door and windows when you leave the room and use the anti-lock before going
    to sleep
 ② Keep all your belongings inside the room and do not leave them in the corridor.
 ③ Contact the corresponding sections in case of an emergency:
    Reception desk of International students’ building
    Building No. 1(Chenyuan Guesthouse): 64252120
    Building No. 2(International students’ building): 64252212, 64252209
    Building No. 3(Lizhi apartment building): 64253642
    Repair department: 64250728
    Police alarm: 110
    Fire alarm: 119
    Ambulance: 120