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Australia Studies Center Established in ECUST

The opening ceremony of Australia Studies Center of ECUST was held on November 12, 2011, with the presence of Ms. Alice Cawte, Consul General of Australia in Shanghai, Professor Song Gonghua, Assistant to the President of ECUST, Professor Jiao Jiajun, director of International Affairs Office of ECUST, Professor Huang Jie, dean of School of Continuing Education, Professor Chen Hong, Vice Chairman of National Australia Studies Society, Professor Zhang Chunbai, Dean of School of Foreign Languages of East China Normal University and Professor Xu Kai, Secretary General of Australia Studies Center of Shaghai Institute of Foreign Trade.

 During the ceremony, Ms Alice Cawte sincerely congratulated the foundation of Australia Studies Center of ECUST and promised to fully support the work of the center in the future. After that, she watched the 9th " 21st Century—ACC Cup  China Australia Friendship English Contest (East China)" in the auditorium with the company of Prof. Song Gonghua and Prof. Jiao Jiajun.