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Awarding Ceremony Held for “Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and ME” Essay Contest for Overseas Students

The awarding ceremony of “Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and ME” Essay Contest for Overseas Students, co-sponsored by the Department of Publicity, International Affairs Office and International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS), was held on July 3rd and 20 students were awarded the first, second, third and excellent prizes. 

The organizing committee issued certificates of honor and awards to the winners. The titles and authors of the 3 first prize winners were, namely, SHNU and I by Menggu Gaowa from Mongolia, Motto of SHNU by Ahmad from Egypt and Holding on Straight to the End is a Success by Chen Mingming from Thailand.

Over 60 SHNU overseas students from 12 countries including Mongolia, Egypt, and Korea took part in the contest and expressed their love and best wishes for the university’s 60th birthday. 

The organizing committee carefully designed the certificate of honor in Chinese and English and chose awards tinted with Chinese culture, which were greatly loved by the winners.