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Students' Food Heaven: features a series of various food categories, including traditional Chinese styles, such as dumplings, wonton, zongzi (glutinous rice seasoned with meat or yolk), porridge, Chinese soup noodles, pan-fried rice, Chinese hot pot, and fried pasta etc.
The most compelling edge boils down to the long operation hours it offers: 8 am to 11 pm, Monday through Sunday.

Dining and Accommodation:
Canteen on Xuhui Campus
1. Canteens:
There are three students’ canteens on campus, Xiangzhang Yuan, Dangui Yuan and Shengle. The Student ID is required for payment.

2. Foreign Guest House:
the restaurant is on the first floor.

3. Xue Si Yuan:
the restaurant is on the second floor. And there is a public kitchen on the second floor

4. Characteristic campus food shops of different styles for tongues of various countries:
A series of food shops outside the XiangZhang Yuan;
Korean restaurants on the second floor of Xiangzhang Yuan;
Nagasakiya Japanese restaurants opposite the university fruits shop

If you would like to hold a party with your friends, you could choose from the following restaurants for convenience and competitive price:

Foreign Guest House, West Xuhui Campus:
Space for 250 people, Breakfast 7:00~8:30、Lunch:11:00~13:00、
Supper: 17:00~19:30

Tao Li Ju Restaurant, West Xuhui Campus:
Space for 360 people, Lunch:11:00~13:30 Supper: 17:00~20:20

International Education Center of SHNU (Garden Restaurant): No. 55, Gui Lin Rd.
Space for 830 people, lunch: 11:00~13:30、Supper: 17:00~21:00

Xue Si Restaurant, West Xuhui Campus:
Space for 130 people, breakfast: 6:30~8:30、Lunch:10:30~12:30、