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1. Airport to School:

1) Pudong International Airport: It takes you about 15 RMB if you take No.3 Airport bus to get off at Xu Jia Hui stop, where you can transfer to a taxi to get to our university. It is about 25 RMB. If you take a taxi from the Airport, it is about 160RMB and takes you 45 to 60 mins.
2) Hongqiao Domestic Airport: It takes you about 35 RMB if you take a taxi to our university directly.
3) Shanghai Railway station: Take No.1 Subway to get off at Caobao Road Stop and then transfer to No.43 Bus.
2. Telephone

Each room is equipped with a phone. The local call is free up to 70RMB per month. The balance will be covered by student. IP card is available to make international calls. You can also make the collect call. Domestic and international call service is available in the reception.
3. Internet & Fax

1) There is an Internet Lab on the 5th floor of the No. 1 Teaching Building on campus, which is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm through Monday to Friday and from 1:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Student ID cards are required. The deposit is 10RMB.
2) Internet Center in Library is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm through Monday to Sunday.
3) Students in Xue Si Yuan and Foreign Guest house can use dial-up by 201 card if he/she has laptop. ADSL is also available to some rooms. Please inquire the Reception for detailed information.
4) There are some Internet Bars near SHNU campus. For example, you may go to the 24-hour service Bar called 3D Network, next door to the HuaLian Supermarket.
5) If you want to fax something, please contact the Reception of Xue Si Yuan and Foreign Guest house.
 4. Food

1) Cafeteria in the Teaching Area: There three student Cafeteria on campus, Xiangzhang Yuan, Dangui Yuan and Shengle. The Student ID is required.
2) Foreign Guest House : A restaurant is on the first floor.
3) Xue Si Yuan: A restaurant is on the second floor. And there is public kitchen on the second floor.
5. Library

There is a big school library on campus. Student ID cards are required for borrowing books. ICCS has a small library specializing on Chinese Study materials.
6. Security

Always lock your dormitory room. Be sure to lock up your valuables. If you go out, keep your money, passport and/or residence permit in a safe place. Never carry large amounts.
7. Shopping

There is a supermarkets (Trust-mart) within a walking distance. Articles of everyday use and a big variety of food are available there. There is a Hulian supermarket and French bakery (Golden Shell) next to the university entrance gate.
 8. Banking

There is three ATMs on campus. And a 24 hours self-service bank is on the left of the entrance gate. Foreign currencies in cash or traveler’s checks may be changed into Chinese RMB at the reception of the Foreign Guest house. There is a Bank of China on Tianlin Road. (See the map of ICCS neighborhood; taxi as transportation tool is recommended).
9. Medical Care

There is a school clinic on campus. Student ID is needed for treatment. For off campus medical care, it is recommended that you go to the International Health Center of Shanghai No. 1 People’s Hospital (585 Jiu Long Road; 6324-0090 ext. 2101). If you have oversea medical insurance, please bring there. The Center is equipped with advanced medical facilities and its doctors speak foreign languages.
10. Student ID

Upon completion of registration at ICCS, you will receive your student ID card. It is multi-functional card as bank card, food card, library card. Keep you ICCS ID with you all times in case you are required to show it. In case of loss, report to ICCS immediately and follow the procedures to get a replacement.
11. Transportation

Metro Line I and Metro Line Ⅲ is very close to SHNU campus. The two nearest stations are Cao Bao Road Station and South Railway Station. If you want to go to the downtown (Xu Jiahui), you may take the following buses, No.43, No.830 and No.732. The most convenient way to travel is to ride bicycles. Taxis are cheap and convenient.
12. Weather

Humid subtropical weather. Four seasons are obvious. Warm to hot and humid in summer, and cool to cold in winter. It seldom snows.