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The First Chinese Textbook Compiled by SHNU Teachers Published in Botswana

The first Chinese textbook gearing to the needs of local students in Botswana was compiled by SHNU teacher Zhang Xin and other teachers and published this June.

As there were neither Chinese-teaching institutions nor Chinese textbooks or any other Chinese books published in Botswana before the Botswana Confucius Institute was established, usually the imported Chinese textbooks were used, but sometimes they were not suitable for local learners. With the support of both CI and SHNU, Zhang and some other teachers started to compile the textbook in 2009. The book was for beginners of Chinese and took the local characteristics into consideration.

Presently, CI is developing fast. Each of the recent Chinese Class attracts more than 200 students, and the number is still increasing. The publishing of the Chinese textbook series is a great step forward for the Chinese teaching in Botswana and southern Africa.