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Student Service


1 Telephone

1)International Education Center (SISU Guesthouse): Each room is equipped with a card phone.  The card is named 201, which can be bought at the reception.  With the 201 Card, you can make local, domestic and international calls.
2)Foreign Experts’ Building: Each room has an extension (Please look up a Booklet in your room to find the phone number.), so you can receive phone calls.  A monthly fee of 30 yuan for each person should be paid to the reception to call local.  Domestic and international call service is available in the reception.

2 Internet & Fax

1)There is an Internet bar on the 12th floor of the No. 1 Teaching Building (Multi-purpose Building) on campus, which is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm through Monday to Friday and from 1:30pm to 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Student ID cards are required.
2) Internet Center on the 6th floor of Yi Fu Library is open from 8:30am to 9:30pm through Monday to Sunday.
3) There are some Internet Bars near SISU campus.  For example, you may go to the 24-hour service Bar on the 4th floor of Gaodian Entertainment City, 456 Jiang Wan Road (E), which is beside the Hong Kou Football Stadium.
4) If you want to fax something, go to the business service center in the International Education Center or 1st floor of Yi Fu Library.

3 Board

1)Cafeteria in the Teaching Area: On the first floor, with a meal card you can choose whatever you want.  Meal card is available on the first floor (show your student ID).  There are two food courts where more varieties of foods are served.  One is on the second floor, the other on first floor by the Dong Ti Yu Hui Road.  You can order dishes there.  Meal tickets are available at the receptions.
2)International Education Center: A restaurant is on the second floor.
3)Foreign Experts’ Building: A restaurant is on the first floor.
4)Others: Rice and dishes served as a fast food pattern are available at the small restaurants around.  A typical box of rice and dishes costs 5 yuan.  You can also do your own cooking in the International Education Center.

4 Postal Service

1)Pick up letters and packages
a)International Education Center: You will be able to pick up your mail daily at the reception.  If you have a package (box, Fed Ex bulk envelope or registered letter), there will be a slip for you.  You need to take the slip along with your SISU ID to the mailroom at the university main gate to pick up your package.  However, the mailroom usually does not have your box but has the shipping note for it.  In that case, you will have to take the note and your passport to the post office, located at 65 Guang Zhong Road, to get your box.
b)Foreign Experts’ Building: Mail can be picked up daily at the reception on the first floor. If you have a package, there will be a shipping note for you.  Take the note along with your passport to the post office at Guang Zhong Road to get your package.

2) Mail Letters
Get stamps at the post office.  Postage varies according to how much your mail weighs:
Weight Local Domestic HK, Macaw & Taiwan International
0~10g 0.60 yuan 0.80 yuan 2.00 yuan 5.40 yuan
11~20g 0.60 yuan 0.80 yuan 2.50 yuan 6.40 yuan
21~30g 1.20 yuan 1.60 yuan 4.30 yuan 11.20 yuan
31~40g 1.20 yuan 1.60 yuan 6.00 yuan 12.20 yuan
It is highly recommended that you always have your mail weighed at the post office to make sure the exact amount of postage you have to pay.

3) Mailing Address:
a) International Education Center: Room ××, International Education Center
Shanghai International Studies University
189 Xi Ti Yu Hui Road, Shanghai 200083
P. R. China
b) Foreign Experts’ Building: Room ××, Foreign Experts’ Building
Shanghai International Studies University
121 Guang Ling Road (No. 1), Shanghai 200083
P. R. China

Always lock your dormitory room.  Be sure to lock up your valuables.  If you go out, keep your money, passport and/or residence permit in a safe place.  Never carry large amounts of cashes.

There are two supermarkets (Carrefour and Emart) within a walking distance.  Carrefour is located at 560 Qu Yang Road and Emart at 800 Qu Yang Road.  Articles of everyday use and a big variety of food are available there.

There is an ATM in the lobby of the International Education Center.  Foreign currencies in cash or traveler’s checks may be changed into Chinese RMB at the reception of the International Education Center.  There is a Bank of China on the first floor of Jia Lan Building, 2259 Si Chuan Road (N.), located beside the main gate of Lu Xun Park (See the map of SISU neighborhood; taxi as transportation tool is recommended).  It provides diverse services.  It is encouraged that you always go to a big Bank of China, as other banks might not operate business with foreign currencies.

8.Medical Care
There is a school clinic on the main campus.  SISU ID is needed for treatment.  For off campus medical care, it is recommended that you go to the International Health Center of Shanghai No. 1 People’s Hospital (585 Jiu Long Road; 6324-0090 ext. 2101).  If you have oversea medical insurance, please bring there.  It is about 15 minutes by taxi.  The Center is equipped with advanced medical facilities and its doctors speak foreign languages.
** If you are a scholarship student, you will get a medical card from the Office of International Student Affairs (OISA).  With this card, you will get free medical care at the school clinic.  You will be referred to a doctor outside school if necessary.  Please keep the receipt and refund at OISA.  Do not go to the International Health Center without permission beforehand, or the treatment may be on your own expenses.

9.Student ID
Upon completion of registration at OISA, you will receive your student ID card.  Keep you SISU ID with you all times in case you are required to show it (such as entering the International Education Center after 11:00 p.m.).  In case of loss, report to OISA immediately and follow the procedures to get a replacement.

Government scholarship students and intercollegiate exchange students will receive from SISU a monthly stipend within the mutually agreed period.  Stipend is available usually on the sixth day of each month at Finance Office.  The Office is located in the Administration Building on main campus.  SISU ID will be required.

11. Library
There is a library named Yi Fu Library on campus.  If you want to borrow books there, you should make a Book Card.  Student ID cards are required.

Metro Line Ⅲ (Pearl Line) is near SISU campus.  The two nearest stations are Chi Feng Road Station and Hong Kou Football Stadium Station.  If you want to go to the downtown (Nan Jing Road), you may take the following buses, No. 18, No. 537 and No. 933.  The most convenient way to travel is to ride bicycles.  Taxis are cheap and convenient.

13. Weather
Humid subtropical weather.  Four seasons are obvious.  Warm to hot and humid in summer, and cool to cold in winter.  It seldom snows.
Office of International Student Affairs
Shanghai International Studies University
The Office of International Student Affairs is open from 8:30am to 11:00am and from 1:30pm to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.