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Student Service


There is a library named Yi Fu Library on campus.  If you want to borrow books there, you should make a Book Card.  Student ID cards are required.


Metro Line Ⅲ (Pearl Line) is near SISU campus.  The two nearest stations are Chi Feng Road Station and Hong Kou Football Stadium Station.  If you want to go to the downtown (Nan Jing Road), you may take the following buses, No. 18, No. 537 and No. 933.  The most convenient way to travel is to ride bicycles.  Taxis are cheap and convenient.

Medical Care

There is a school clinic on the main campus.  SISU ID is needed for treatment.  For off campus medical care, it is recommended that you go to the International Health Center of Shanghai No. 1 People’s Hospital (585 Jiu Long Road; 6324-0090 ext. 2101).  If you have oversea medical insurance, please bring there.  It is about 15 minutes by taxi.  The Center is equipped with advanced medical facilities and its doctors speak foreign languages.
** If you are a scholarship student, you will get a medical card from the Office of International Student Affairs (OISA).  With this card, you will get free medical care at the school clinic.  You will be referred to a doctor outside school if necessary.  Please keep the receipt and refund at OISA.  Do not go to the International Health Center without permission beforehand, or the treatment may be on your own expenses.