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2018 Fashion Week | Fashion Show of Shanghai Style School Uniforms Held by DHU

  On the afternoon of April 27, the fashion show of Shanghai style school uniforms sponsored by Donghua University (DHU) was held in the Columbia Circle. Vice President Liu Chunhong attended the event, during which 60 student models from elementary and middle schools in 128 school uniforms with distinctive Shanghai style and cultural imprints displayed a New Style of uniforms in a lively way.

It tends to be troublesome for parents to fill in the uniform size for the kids at the parents meeting, as it seems hard to find a balance between height and size. Given this, designers of DHU made an innovation in the uniform model. They used shape “A” instead of the common shape “H” or “O”, which is visually decent and functionally more ergonomic by adjusting the proportion between the shoulder and the whole.

The opening design of the cuffs, hem and other parts makes it easy for students to exercise; the design of the old Shanghai-style detachable and fake collar not only eliminates the need to wear a shirt, but also renders daily change and wash easy; the multi-functional and multi-occasional style design is quite economical...

It is understood that localization and new technology constitute the two highlights of this school uniform design. Designers choose elements of Shanghai-style fashion symbols such as cheongsam, stand collars and fake collars, and incorporate the comprehensive features of Art Deco and economical design. Three styles of uniforms were shown this time: Shanghai style fashion, classic international style, and trendy Asian style, with ancient city grey, scientific blue and humanistic red as the main color respectively.

The design work was completed by the Shanghai Style Fashion Design & Value Creation Collaborative Innovation Center. Among the over 60 members of the R&D team, there are two national top ten fashion designers - Liu Xiaogang (the leader) and Luo Jingjie, and experienced experts such as Zhu Dahui and Cui Yumei, together with other designers, technical personnel, graduate students.

In order to accurately meet the needs, the team made a survey by dint of questionnaires, parents meetings and meetings of student representatives to solicit suggestions from principals, relevant staff, parents and student representatives of over 40 Shanghai primary and secondary schools. Finally, after 10 months, the team launched three styles of Shanghai school uniforms for primary and secondary school students in Shanghai. Apart from the traditional clothes, the team also designed accessories including ties, collars, scarfs, school bags, socks, shoes and raincoats, showing strong versatility, identity and uniformity.

To optimize the cultural image of the student’ clothing and civilized etiquette and behavior through the school uniform design is an important embodiment of the campus culture. Lu Zixuan, a first-year student at the Experimental School Affiliated to Donghua University, was privileged to become a model of the show. She wore a red-collar jacket and a dark gray pleated skirt, whirling around in great excitement. “This school uniform is superb! It’s beautiful and comfortable!” Simple compliment from a child is actually the highest praise for the design.

Boasting the first-class design discipline in China, DHU bears the responsibility to serve the construction of Shanghai as a fashion capital, brand capital and design capital, and has given full play to its advantages of characteristic disciplines such as fashion, design, and materials to launch knowledge-intensive and highly creative design masterpieces in recent years, ranging from space suits to schoolbags and scarfs of students, which won great acclaim. DHU Design expects to make your life better.