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Registration Procedure for the New Coming Students
1. Freshman of international students should register at the International Culture Exchange College of Donghua University with their passport, entry visa, letter of admission and JW201 or JW202 form. Students who couldn’t register on time should ask for leave in advance and get approved. The time of absense is not to surpass more than 2 weeks. For students who haven’t asked for a leave of absense in advance or don’t get approved and don’t register on time, the university will void their enrollment.
2. Freshman must take a physical examination. For students who have taken physical examinations in their own country, they should handle the processing of their physical examination. If decided that the basi health requirments are not met, you will be dropped out or be suspended from school.
3. International students should pay the tuition and accommodation fees on the registration date. If not paid on time, students can apply for deferment but not for longer than one month and should pay late fees.
Registration Materials Needed
Passport, Entry Visa, Letter of Admission, JW201 or JW202
Notes: Students need to take their application fee receipt from CUCAS along with other registration documents when they go to register at the university. You can get the application fee receipt as follows: Login to your CUCAS account -> "My Applications"->"Completed Applications"->"Download Receipt".
Structure of School Dept.
International Exchange Dept./International Student Admissions Dept.
1. International (HK、WO、TW) Exchange & Development
2. International Student Consultations & Admissions/Group Programs/Alumni
OFFICE NO.:International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 104

International Affairs Service Dept.
1.Going Abroad Administration(Faculty)/Foreign Expert Management/Cooperative education/International Conference Services
2. International Student Visa/Student Activities/On- & Off-Campus Residence/emergency Management/Fees Charging/Shuttle Bus/Food Card/Insurance and other life services
Songjiang Campus-
OFFICE NO.:Administration Building Office - Rm.335
Yan'an Road Campus
OFFICE NO.:International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 106
Degree Programs Dept.
Undergraduates/Postgraduates/Advanced studies/Review & Mgt. of Scholarship Students/Internship
OFFICE NO.: International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 108

Chinese Programs Dept.
Registration/Suspension/Discontinuance/Completion/Class Transfer/Textbooks/Scholarships/Examination/Transcripts/Certificate/Study Letter of Language Students
OFFICE NO.: International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 108       

Faculty of Chinese Language
Teaching BA in Chinese Language
OFFICE NO.: International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 200 -204

Center of International Programs
Recruitment & Teaching Affairs of English-taught Undergraduate Programs
OFFICE NO.: International Education Center Building (IECB) - Rm. 100