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FAQs for International Students


Is Donghua University a public or private university?
Yes. Donghua University is a key university belonging to the “211 project” of China. It is directly under the management of the Chinese of Ministry of Education. Some of its subjects have taken leading positions worldwide.

How many campuses does Donghua University has?
Donghua University has two campuses. One is Yan’an Campus which is in the inner city of Shanghai. The other is Songjiang Campus which is in Songjiang University Town. Students of International programs are located in Yan’an Campus.

Do the students of International Programs have classes independently or study with Chinese students?
Students of Center of International Programs (CIP) will have classes independently. The majority of students are international students; however, the courses will be open to Chinese students

What are the requirements for graduation? What kind of certificate I can get after graduation?
Students of CIP must meet the following requirements in order to graduate:
(a). Obtain all the required credits, which is about 150 credits total;
(b) students from non-English speaking countries must obtain 6.0 in IELTS test;
(c). pass HSK level 4 or BCT level 3;
(d). pass graduation thesis defense.
If you have met all the graduation requirements, you will receive a Graduation Certificate in Chinese and a Bachelor Degree Diploma issued by Donghua University in English and Chinese. You will also receive a studying certificate issued by Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney since you will study there for one semester.

How to apply?
To apply you just need to send us the completed application form together with the documents required for admission.

What are the starting dates?
The semesters begin twice a year during the Spring & Fall.

What are the possible payment methods?
Payment by semester is due on or before each semester starts. Payment can be made at CIP with cash, Chinese debit card or Bank telegraphic transfer. Only Chinese currency is acceptable. Visa or MasterCard is unacceptable.

I am studying in a bachelor program in another university. Can I transfer my credit to Donghua University?
It is possible for you to transfer the credits. But you need to provide your transcript from the other university, and the syllabus of the courses. The admission committee of International programs will decide how many credits can be transferred based on the materials you have provided. Additional documents or test maybe required for you to transfer the credit. The maximum number of credits that can be transferred is 30.

What is the composition of the final grade for each class?
The final grade for each major course includes 30% of daily performance (classroom participation, assignments, quizzes, and so on), 10% of attendance, and 60% of final. You will get the credit for certain classes only if your final exam is over 60.

How many students in one class? Where are the majority students from?
CIP adapts credit systems and students choose the course required and offered during every semester. It is very possible that you will have class with students enrolled in different semestes. Currently we have students from 5 continents and no majority students from any paticular country.

Do I need to study Chinese in the program?
You are required to study Chinese almost every semester. We will recommend different Chinese courses based on your Chinese level and graduation requirements. No Chinese skills are required to start the program. But you are required to reach a certain level of comprehensive Chinese and Business Chinese to graduate.

What kind of activities will the university provide besides the classes?
When starting at Donghua University, you will enjoy different activities, such as Welcome Party, International Cultural Festival, International Forum, Chinese Corner, International Student Talents Competition, New Year party, volunteer activities, excursions, Dragon Boat Competition, Table Tennis Competitions and more activities. The International Student Association and clubs welcome your participation. ICES will provide free workshops related to language and cultural almost every afternoon. In addition, CIP will invite successful personages, such as middle or high level managers working in different types of companies to give presentation. Intensive business related activities will also be arranged in the immersion week.

Do students in CIP have Christmas holidays?
The university only closed for Chinese national holidays and other academic activities such as Spring out or Sports day. Make up classes will be arranged.

What happens if I fail a course?
If you fail the one course, you will be given an opportunity to have make-up exam during the registration of the next semester. If you failed again, you will be required to repeat the course when it is open and pay CNY 250 for each repeat credits.
Can I defer my course?
Yes. You can defer your course for up to one year. We will cancel your current Resident Permit (Study) and may help you get a temporary visa.

Can I change the major in the middle of my study?
Yes. The first two years courses are fundamental courses for two majors. The courses related to the major will start in the third year. In this case, you can apply for the major change before the third year.

Due to personal reasons, I may miss some classes. Will the teacher make up the classes for me?
If you have to miss the class, to be late, or leave early due to personal reasons, such as family and health reasons, You need to get the permission from your instructors or academic advisor. You need to provide a doctor’s note if it is because of your health. If a student has missed more than 1/3 of the total class hours of one course, CIP will have the right to expel the students and cancel the study visa.
Usually, students have the responsibility to talk with the instructors about make up classes. And the instructors have no responsibility to give make up classes for free. If you need to have make-up classes, you can talk to your academic advisor and instructors.

If I need individual tutoring, does the university provide such services?
Yes, we can arrange one-to-one tutoring, such as Math or HSK, based on your needs. You need to have the class in the teaching building. The fee is usually CNY 100/hour. But it will be different depending on what kind subjects you need. If you need to take the class at night, the weekend, or during holidays, the rate will be increased. You can consult CIP for more details.

Do the International Students Apartments (ISAs) in the campus open to people outside campus?
No, ISAs are only open to full time International students of Donghua University.

What are the payment terms and methods for the dormitory?
You need to pay the rent of one semester in full during registration, payment can be made by Cash or Chinese Debit Card.

What should I do if my arrival time is at night or during the holidays?
Please inform our Admission department to make special arrangement for your accommodation

Do the dormitory have internet access? How to apply?
You can apply for the Internet access and get the password at the Student Service Department. The monthly charge is CNY 65. The Speed of the internet is 1MB/s and there is no time limit.

Can I do laundry in the dormitory?
Every other floor on the International Student Apartments has automatic washing mashing. A laundry room is also available on the first floor of the 3rd dormitory building, with services such as clothes washing and dry cleaning.

Is there a library on campus?
Yes. You will get a library card after registration, with which you can borrow the book or read in the library. In addition a special place called Home of International Students is located on the second floor of the library, where magazines, books, Internet access, printing and copying services are available. The International Education Center Building is now constructing its own library for international students.

What are the sports facilities on campus?
The sport hall includes a gym room, table tennis room, indoor basketball court, badminton court, outdoor tennis court and running track. There are also outdoor basketball courts, a soccer field and other sports fields around the campus.

Are there any cafeterias on the campus?
There are two dining halls on Yan’an Campus and one Muslim cafeteria. A rechargeable Food card is required. In addition, there are two restaurants on campus, where you can pay with cash.

Where to get a mobile phone SIM card, transportation card and bank card?
a) Mobile phone Sim card: the stores on campus or mobile phone sales network
b) Transportation card: at the metro station or appointed super markets like KEDI and HAODE
c) bank card: all the bank branches ( passport is required).

Does the university have traveling activities?
Every semester we will arrange an autumn outing for international students. The university will provide some financial support.

Do you have plenty of students’ activities in DHU?
Yes, we do. We have international students associations, with sub organizations such as the volunteer club, dragon dance club, soccer club, Latin Dance club, flower arrangement club, photograph club, model club and so forth. All the clubs will organize wonderful activities every semester. And at the beginning of every semester, all the student organizations will recruit new member.
In addition, DHU has traditional activities every year for international students, such as welcome party, international culture festival, talent show, New Year Eve Party, sports meeting, football match, dragon boat match, “Mr./Ms. China” general knowledge test, Chinese corner, spring travel, autumn travel and so forth.

Are all the activities free?
Some group activities will charge some material cost, but most activities are free to students.
What kind of entry visa do I need to apply for?
Student Visa (X Visa) is issued to applicant who comes to China for study, advanced studies or intern practice for a period of more than six months

How can we apply for the Student Visa (X Visa)?
Please apply for a Student Visa (X Visa) in the local Chinese embassy/consulate with your Letter of Acceptance, VISA Application For study in China (JW202 Form), and new student guide. You will find the documents in the admission package sent to the address you gave to CIP. If you need other things to apply for the visa, please consult the local Chinese embassy/consulate for more information.

How long can I stay in China with an X Visa or L Visa?
Students with an X visa can stay 30 days in China (from the first day you enter China). Most L visas can assure you to stay in China for 30, 60 or 90 days. Once you report to the University, we will help you to apply for a Resident Permit (Study), RP is a legal residence certificate issued to foreign individuals to study in China by the Ministry of Public Security. It has multiple entries within the period of validity.

If I get the letter of acceptance only two weeks before the new semester, do I have time to apply for a Student Visa (X Visa)?
If you apply for CIP only within one and a half month before the new semester begins, we will not send the official admission package, which includes the documents required for Student Visa (X Visa) application, to you. You need apply for an Tourist Visa (L Visa) with a valid period of at least 30 days to enter China. (Students from certain country must have Student Visa (X Visa) to study in China, please consult local Chinese embassy/consulate for more information.)

Can I come to China without a Visa?
Students from certain countries can come to China without a visa (please consult local Chinese embassy/consulate for more information), students from Japan and Singapore can only stay in China for 15 days, but we need about 3 weeks to apply for the Resident Permit (study). So we recommend students apply for an L visa to come to China, and process the residence permit in 30 days.

What kind of documents should be submitted for residence permit application?
 Passport with at least 1 year validity left before its expiration and at least one blank page left
 Copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR for short)
 A Health Certificate issued by Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center
 Acceptance Letter issued by Donghua University
 Visa Application form for Study in China (JW202 form)
 Application Form for Visa, Residence Permit (with 1 passport photo) filled by yourself or CIP staff
 Testimonial issued by the University.
How long is the period of validity of Resident Permit (Study)?
The first period of validity of the RP for new students would be 1 year. After then, DHU will help you extend it till the end of you schooling in DHU based on your performance and willingness to stay. The expiratin date of the RP cannot be later than the expirating date of your passport.

How much will it cost to apply for a residence permit? And how long does it take?
You need to pay all associated fees for the application of residence permit and submit your application to the visa center by yourself. The cost for a residence permit is CNY 400 for a year; CNY 800 for 1-3 years; CNY1000 for over 3 years. If your materials are correct and complete, you can get your residence permit one week after you submit your materials.