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Donghua University has made great contribution to promoting the economic and social development of Shanghai and the nation. It won dozens of awards including National Award for Advances in Science and Technology, National Award for Creation and Invention, and provincial and ministerial Awards for Advances in Science and Technology. Quite a few teachers won various titles such as National 100 Young Scientists, National Top 10 Fashion Designers, Shanghai Top 10 Scientific Elates and Shanghai Top 6 Inventers. In 2000 and 2001, 2 of its scientific research projects are listed in Top 10 Advances of Science and Technology in the Institutions in China.

a Teaching and Research Building

State Key Laboratory of Chemical Fiber Modification

State key laboratory for modification of chemical fiber in Dong Hua University was established in 1992, passed national acceptance in 1996, and is an open lab both at home and abroad. For years, it regards opening, creation, unity, and competition as the guiding principles of the laboratory; regards training talents and making achievements as its central task; and regards constructing first-rate research base of fiber materials as its goal and makes great efforts to carry out every job.

The laboratory is based on key discipline of "fiber materials ", closely linked with textile, dyeing and finishing, physics, agriculture, biology, medical science, and information science. The lab devotes to preparing the raw materials of new-type polymers and new variety of fiber research; devotes to researching the new spinning process, formation theory and environment friendly processing engineering, creates the high technology of promoting national economic development, high-level new-type fiber materials. The lab also regards facing great demand of national economy as the goal, and solves a series of important scientific and technological practices and theoretical subjects.

The Computer Room

There are 27 regular personnel members now in the laboratory (23 researchers and 4 managers). It has undertaken various kinds of 190 scientific research projects at national- provincial- or ministerial levels since 1997, has obtained 20 items of national-, provincial- or ministerial level rewards, and has published more than 600 academic papers, 56 items of patents among which there are 43 patents for invention.

The laboratory sets up open project fund and visiting scholar's fund, cooperates and exchanges with domestic and international universities, institutes, academies as well as enterprise groups actively.

The 211-Key Discipline Construction Project of in China has infused new energy into the development of the laboratory. The laboratory works hard for constructing a first-class Lab at home and a famous and influential fiber materials scientific research base in the world.