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Donghua University is one of key universities in China directly under China’s Ministry of Education. It was rename as Donghua University ( DHU ) in August 1999.  To be line with the university's rapid development, under the support of the ministry of textile industry, a new library, one of the biggest libraries in the country, was built in 1982.

The library of Donghua university consists of two parts: central library on West Yan'an Campus and branch library on Song Jiang Campus. It is a library & information center with Donghua characteristics, with a total area of over 26,025 square meters of space and more than 1,738 seats. The collections in our library amount to 1.077 million volumes, including 3,289 journals and 14,398 books in Chinese and foreign languages.

Its collection of electronic resources is growing rapidly and now includes 10 CD-ROMs and 20 online databases.  Our library provides high-quality services to over 20,000 students, faculty members, administrators, and researchers of university.  

The collection in our library focuses mainly on the fields of engineering, management, and art. The central library's collection includes Textile Engineering, Chemical Fibers, Textile Materials, Macromolecular Materials, Dyeing, Textile Machinery, and Fashion. There is also a collection of early books and periodicals of Textile and Chemical Fibers in Chinese and foreign languages. Among them, some rare ones are of great value for research work.

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In recent years, the library has made a great progress in many ways including sharing of resources, improving service quality and efficiency, extending service time, and developing useful software. What's more, the library has improved UNIX edition of HUIWEN searching engine so that all users on local area network can use Web Browser to get records of collections and manage their account. In addition, the branch library on Song Jiang campus has been connected to the local area network of the central library successfully.

According to the characteristics of Donghua University, the library established Textile CD-ROM data base, under the support of regional network searching engine with the CD-ROM date base of the library, which offers all local users in our university free search results.

To meet the need of development of subject, Donghua library has joined the CALIS, a state key project. The library plays a role of 'textile' on the chain of china academic library & information system, and takes on some related projects, such as 'new textile data base'.

The library has built electronic consulting room and electronic-reading room. Our CD-ROM searching engine has been among the few most advanced key universities in the country.

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The library of Donghua university has a young research faculty consisting of doctors, masters and bachelors.  It provides abundant reliable and up-to-date information in scientific and technological researches, esp. for textile scientific research work to all textile universities and enterprises around china.  It also serves in such fields as opening new research orientation, evaluating and appraising scientific achievements, applying for patents and so on. 

The Library of Donghua university has extensive cooperative activities with many libraries. The central library gives priority to engineering as well as textile, and the two branch libraries are characterized by engineering, management and art. The central library has made great effort to develop network system of library and digital resource, so that all users in our university can share the resources freely.