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President’s words

The 21st century has unfolded a glorious picture before us. Along with China's prosperity and rapid development, Donghua University has also entered a new stage of growth. After several generations' hard work and unremitting efforts, Donghua University, which has a history of more than half a century, has created unique school culture and excellent school spirit of "strictness, diligence, concreteness and innovation". She has been developed into a characteristic and multi-discipline university, with engineering as her main focus and disciplines such as science, management and humanities developing correspondingly.

As a state-key university directly under the supervision of Ministry of Education, Donghua University boasts abundant teaching resources and excellent facilities. Facing the vigorous development of higher education in recent years, the university has developed the idea that "prosperity of the university lies in good concepts, outstanding academic works and excellent management", established the policy of "discipline is the engine, team building is the steering wheel, while talent and achievements are the gas pedal". She focuses her work on students and has been continuously making innovation in ideas and carrying out reforms in management. She has made great improvement in aspects as discipline, teaching, scientific research, team building and school running. The social reputation of the university keeps promoting and her characteristics and advantages have been increasingly sparkling. 

Donghua University will keep rapidly developing and constant improving . In the 21st century it is making use of every opportunity  to promote its status. It will stick with its aim at developing into a " first-class university with her own characteristics in China and a renowned, advanced one in the world.