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School of Science

The school of Science DHU was founded in 1999, which was formerly the fundamental department established in 1951 and recruited undergraduate students majoring in applied mathematics, applied physics and applied electronics in 1959 and graduate students majoring in applied mathematics and solid mechanics in 1981 and in plasma physics in 1985. Now the school provides basic science instruction to students from across the university and at the same time offers four undergraduate majors, enrolling roughly 1000 students and four graduate degree enrolling roughly 450 students. Applied mathematics ranked top 20% and solid mechanics and plasma physics ranked top 30% in China and the latter became one of the ten members of thermonuclear fusion research center of Chinese educational commission in 2008.

During its several decades long development process, the School of Science boasts a lot of renowned faculties: Prof. Junhao Chu- the Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, current dean and director of Shanghai Center for Photovoltaics, Professor Rangquan Wu -formal Deputy Chairman of China Academy of Engineering Probability and Statistics; Professor Shaokuan Li, one of the first batch PhD recipients with outstanding contributions since the foundation of People’s Republic of China; Professor Shouzhu Chengan and Professor Tang Yujun,, the editor and revised editor of the most popular “ University Physics-Cheng Jiang Edition” for science and engineering colleges and universities in China; Professor Hao Tianhu, top ten thesis author in three consecutive years in 1980s.

In recent years, the school of Science also boasts many other brilliants and achieved fruitful results in teaching and research,and this active growth will continue.