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College of Humanities

School of Humanities came into being in October 1999. It originated from Department of Social Sciences which was established in 1993. The School now consists of Department of Social Sciences, Department of Law, Department of Public Management, Department of Mass Media, Research Institute of Humanities, Institute of Historical Studies and Mental Health Counseling Center. The School now offers four undergraduate programs: Law, Administration, Public Management, Media Production & Communication. It also offers two postgraduate programs: Philosophy of Science and Technology, and Modern History of China. And it undertakes most of the teaching task of humanities courses of the University. In recent years, the School aims at educating qualified graduates for the society, and focuses on quality-education. The School has launched the reform in education by expanding the curriculum. The School has demonstrated its own unique teaching features, and the teaching quantity has been greatly improved from teaching materials to teaching methods, and from in-class instruction to after-class activities.

School of Humanities always works hard to integrating teaching and research, putting teaching as the foundation, and research as the focal point. Annually, two to three monographs, two to three textbooks, and more than one hundred papers are published by publishing houses and on various journals and over thirty of them are on core journals at home and abroad. The School also undertakes a number of state-funded and city-funded research projects. Some of the project results have been awarded prizes. The School has good conditions for teaching, learning and research. The School library has a collection of over 20,000 books in Chinese or foreign languages.