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College of Material Science & Engineering

A Tradition of Innovation

College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) is a community that is dedicated to creating tomorrow's leaders and supporting today's pioneers. Students and researchers from around the world are drawn to CMSE by its outstanding reputation, its internationally recognized faculty, and its strong tradition of impact in research and teaching.

Earlier Department of Chemical Fiber has given great contribution great applications of Chemical Fiber to China. Today, College of Materials Science and Engineering in every field remain at the center of technological innovation worldwide.

Our Mission

To transform the way people think and do things through education, research and service

Our Vision

Increasingly rapid advances in technology are creating unprecedented opportunities for innovation in every field of materials science and engineering. Today, opportunities to benefit society through materials science and engineering advancements are unparalleled in history. As a national leader in CMSE education, CMSE of Donghua University is positioned to make major contributions in this era of opportunity.

College Leadership

Meet the leadership: Dean Zhu Meifang and the College's associate deans, department chairs, and organized research unit directors.

Engineering Advisory Board: A distinguished panel of alumni and friends who help shape the direction of the College.