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School of Environmental Science & Engineering

Donghua University has a long-standing reputation in the research and education of science and technology since its foundation in 1951. School of Environmental Science and Engineering, one of major schools of Donghua University, was formally established in 1999. Its predecessor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, came into being in 1973, based on the combination of the specialty of environmental engineering and the teaching and research section of chemical engineering principle in Department of Textile Chemical Engineering, and the specialty of heating ventilation and air conditioning in Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In the recent ten years, a lot of distinguished outcomes have been achieved by taking education reform measures, strengthening experimental courses and broadening the students’ scope of knowledge. School of Environmental Science and Engineering enrolled around 200 undergraduate students in 2004. In order to meet the needs of society and students’ interests, undergraduates will choose the specialty after one year’s study according to their wishes and achievements.