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College of Mechanical Engineering

The College of Mechanical Engineering, the former Department of Mechanical Engineering, was founded in 1951. The initial Department of Textile Machinery Manufacturing, one of 3 main departments at the very start, originated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Textile Institute of Technology, and the discipline of Textile Machinery, Jiao Tong University. Later in 1979 came into being the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and then in 1999 it became the College of Mechanical Engineering.

At the baccalaureate degree level, the College of Mechanical Engineering covers two majors: Mechanical Engineering and its Automation (united by the original 3 majors: Mechanical Design and Theory, Machinery Manufacturing Process and Equipments, and Mechatronical Engineering), Industrial Design. Master of Engineering Science and Master of Engineering are offered in the area of Mechanical Design and Theory, Machinery Manufacturing and its Automation, and Mechatronical Engineering. Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Design and Theory, Machinery Manufacturing and its Automation are available. Postdoctoral research scholars are also recruited in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering.

The managerial system in the College of Mechanical Engineering works in 2 administrative levels, college and research groups. Currently, the college has over 100 faculties, including 12 professors (9 doctorate supervisors) and 41 associate professors, over 950 undergraduate students, 260 students pursuing the Master of Engineering Science, 67 students pursuing the Master of Engineering and 20 doctoral students. During the last 50 years, more than 10000 qualified graduates were cultured here to serve our country, among which there are over 300 masters, 25 doctors, and 6 scholars who have finished their postdoctoral programs.

Owing to the efforts our faculty made, regulations of strict teaching and learning have always been put in practice. Besides the professional training, we emphasize on improving the comprehensive abilities of our students with general education modes. Our undergraduate students have borne the palm in college-level design competitions in Shanghai for successive years, and papers written by our graduates have got honors many times. We reached a series of important fruits in the fields of education and research. Our teaching reform activities have got the honor of national or Shanghai Excellent Education Works, and a great many top-quality textbooks at the national, provincial or ministry levels were published. A great deal of national programs to tackle key problem, and those funded by National Natural Science or 863 High Technology Plan were done successfully. Honors of National Invention, National or Shanghai Progress in Science and Technology were gained successively, and some domestic or international patents were obtained. The college keeps in lead in China at the fields of Textile Machinery, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Mechatronics, and Industrial Design.

Toward the new century, the College of Mechanical Engineering will concentrate on hard work to fulfill brilliant achievements for Domestic Economy, aiming at the development of modern science and technology.