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College of Textile

As one of the first schools offering graduate degrees in Donghua University, School of Textiles has degree programs for Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science and Engineering, and Doctor of Science. It has one primary national key discipline of Textile Science and Engineering, two secondary national key disciplines namely Textile Engineering and Textile Materials Science and Product Design, one primary doctoral program and one post doctoral training center.

The school currently has 103 faculty and staff members including 28 professors, 45 associate professors and senior engineers, and 26 professors qualified to supervise Ph.D. students. In 2004 and 2009, Textile Science and Engineering program were ranked number one nationwide in the National Educational Program Accreditation.

School of Textiles has also been one of the leading institutes worldwide in textile science and engineering due to its variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, distinguished research activities, and excellent teaching team. The school has collaboration and student exchange programs with most of the leading colleges, universities and research institutions in textiles around the world. The school has organized or co-organized and hosted the Textile Institute 83th World Conference, The Fiber Society 2009 Spring Conference, International Research Forum in Textile Science and Engineering for Doctoral Candidates, National Summer School for Doctoral Students in Textile Science and Engineering.