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Traffic guide

1.    Arriving at the Capital Airport:

Exchanging money for RMB at the airport. You can take an airport shuttle if you don’t have so much luggage and can speak Chinese. Look for a sign with the “Gong Zhu Fen” route on your right side when you are out of the hall, getting off at “Zi zhu Qiao” and walking along for 500 meters, and use the north gate of the International Plaza→ in front of the stairs on your right hand (walking along, entering the building from the hotel, and taking an elevator to the second stairs.)


Airport shuttle—Gong Zhu Fen route

First Shuttle

Last shuttle








If you have a lot of luggages, please take a cab ( 80—90 RMB), Please show the driver the following address:





2. You should check in at the Service Desk in the lobby

Items necessary for registration

You should register at the first floor of the North building with the Admission Notice, JW 202 Form(students holding X visa should carry Physical Exam Record), Passport, Three photos, Insurance documents (which can be processed during registration).

Confirm your Tuition, lodging fees, textbook fees, processing visa and Physical Exam.