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Instructions on Registration For International Students at Capital Normal University


Welcome to Capital Normal UniversityWe wish you all the best in your studies and good health during your stay at CNU.


Students should check in at the reception desk (2nd floor) at the Foreign Students Dormitory with their “Admission Notice” and obtain a “Temporary Accommodation Registration Form”. Students living outside campus should register at the local police station with their landlord within 24 hours, obtain a “Temporary Accommodation Registration Form” (bringing your passport, landlord’s ID and House Property Certificate), and bring it back to Foreign Student Office for record.


1. Time: Feb. 23rd-25th  8:30am---11:30am   1:30pm---4:30pm

Place: the lobby (1st floor) in the south building

2. Procedures:

A. Obtain information card and notice, photocopy passport

B. New students: take a digital photo for campus card

C. Show passport, JW201/202 form, admission notice, accommodation registration form, physical examination report (for X visa holders), and 3 photos

D. Purchase insurance  (New students are obliged to purchase insurance)

E. Pay tuition

F. Submit information card; update data

G. Apply for residence permit or renew visa

H. Have academic information inputted/get information for placement test


Placement Test

Feb. 26th  8:30am


Opening Ceremony (for new students):

Time: 9:00am on Mar. 1st

Place: Auditorium on the 2nd floor



Time: 9:40am on Mar.1st

Place: Auditorium on the 2nd floor

*for English speaking students


Classes and Free Activities (preliminary schedule):

The first day of classes: 8:00am on Mar. 2nd (Tuesday)

Excursion to the Great Wall: Mid-April (Saturday) (please pay attention to the notice)


Suggestions and Regulations for International Students:

1. It is forbidden to ride motorbikes on or off campus

2. Students can dine in the restaurants on the first floor with cash or in the cafeteria on campus with their campus cards.

3. Take good care of your passport and bring at least a photocopy of it when you go out in the city.


Physical Examination

Students with X visa and those who are going to apply for a residence permit should submit their original physical examination reports. Those who can’t submit such documents or didn’t take physical examination in their home country please meet at the west side outside the building at 1:00pm on Feb. 26th. FSO will take them to the hospital for physical examinations.


Visa Procedures

1. Students with F visa should register at FSO and extend the visa if it expires soon, and these students should register at FSO before going to other countries or regions (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) during the semester.

2. Students with X visa should register at FSO and obtain a Residence Permit within 30 days of their arrival in China.

3. Students with L visa should register at FSO and change it to a Residence Permit or F visa before it expires.



Students are required to purchase PINGAN insurance for international students in China which is recommended by the Ministry of Education of China. The students who don’t purchase insurance can not register. And if students don’t purchase insurance within the time limit, the undergraduate students will be dismissed from the university, and the visa of language students will be shortened.