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CNU and Flinders University in Australia Jointly Cultivation Projec

For China's opening and the development of Higher Education, the demand, approval by the Ministry of Education, the Capital normal University and Flinders University in Australia build cooperation for education. the students' 2011 in respect of the following :
Admission Requirements:

Certificate of University or college or three year at a special training school, and two years related working experience and education ; or a bachelor's degree, studies with open-ended ; the TOEFL score more than five hundred and fifty cents ( twe4. five ), or the ITELS exceeds 6.0.
Notice: If your English has not reach certain level, you can attend the intensive classes.

EDUC9703 Postgraduate education: Purposes and practices
EDUC9921 Issues in professional learning
EDUC9922 Models of professional learning
EDUC9761 Approaches to research
EDUC9768 Research design and methods
EDUC9701 Effective use of ICT for learning and teaching
EDUC9707 Leading Change in the Digital Age