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Chinese University Scholarship Available for International Students

To help international students focus on their studies and award their excellent performance, Chinese government have brought the Chinese University Scholarship:

1. What are the basic requirements?

It is true that requirements vary with the university, but there are a few basic requirements that should be known. It is required that applicants comply with the laws and decrees of the Chinese Government and observe the rules and regulations of the related university, as well as be in good health condition. Applicants are not able to be awarded any other kind of scholarship simultaneously. Those applying for bachelor’s degrees are required to have graduated from a high school, those applying for master’s study are required to own a bachelor’s diploma, and those applying for doctoral study are required to be a master’s degree graduate, etc.

2. What is the application procedure?

The universities are available for students to apply to and students should hand in their application materials. Profiles will be comprehensively evaluated by the admission office taking charge of scholarships and the qualified students will be approved by the outstanding group of the scholarship office.
3. What application materials do applicants need?
In most cases, students should submit the Application Form for Scholarship of the university. Applicants are demanded to provide the following documents along with the application: a notarized copy of highest diploma, a photocopy of passport, a passport-sized photo, and other related materials.