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School of Material Science and Engineering

Materials have been central to all of science and engineering. Advanced materials and the manufacturing technology are of great consequence to modern scientific research, national defense and economy. The research and development of new materials have been one of the pivotal areas in the national science and technology programmes. Environment Engineering and Applied Chemistry are also among those fast developing disciplines in the past decades. The School of Materials Science and Engineering at BUAA aims to educate the students to become general practitioners and specialists with interdisciplinary knowledge.

There are five departments in the school: Materials Science, Materials Processing and Automatization, Polymer and Composite Materials, Applied Chemistry, and Environment Engineering. Materials Science in the school is one of the nation¡¯s key courses. The school has exceptionally broad research and teaching fields in terms of both the materials studied and the disciplines involved, offers Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD degrees, plus a Post Doctorate station, and recruits over 200 undergraduate students, 160 Master students, 40 PhD students, and about 10 Postdocs every year. There are also overseas students in the school to read for Master or PhD degrees.

The school stands among the best of its kind in the nation, with great strength in both research and teaching. There are 34 professors and 70% of the academic staff have PhD degree and oversea study experience. Research funds per person are among the highest in the universities in China. Research projects include National and National Defense "973" key program, "863" Hi-Tech program, NSFC projects, and other major R & D projects from industry. The school has three key laboratories with advanced analyzing and testing facilities. The key laboratories are Beijing Key Laboratory of Polymer based Composite Materials, Beijing Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials and Film Technology, and the National Aviation Key Laboratory of Failure Analysis Technology. The school also has wide cooperations with oversea universities. The joint Master Program with Queen Mary University, UK, is a successful example.