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School of Economics and Management

School of Economics& Management has a long history that dates back to 1956. Over the past several decades, the School has achieved her prestige, and over 4000 students graduated from the school with bachelor, master or Ph.D. degree. The evolution and growth of school have the landmarks with the following events:

1956 Founding the Department of Aviation Engineering Economics

1980 Being authorized to offer Master Degree

1986 Establishing School of Management and being authorized to offer Ph.D. Degree

1991 Recruiting the first post-doctor

1992 Establishing the Board of Directors

1998 Initiating Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

1999 Being renamed as School of Economics and Management.

This school has been consistently top-ranked in China. In 2001, the discipline of Management Science and Engineering became the national key discipline, and was ranked the 6th among all the same disciplines in China in the evaluation which was organized by Ministry of Education in 2002.

It consists of eight departments: Department of Accounting, Department of Business Administration, Department of Management Information System, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Technology Economics, Department of Insurance and Risk Management, Department of International Trading, and Department of Finance. In addition, there are Institute of Systems Engineering and several other research centers.

In the school, there are one post-doctoral program, management science and engineering; four Ph. D. programs, which are management science and engineering, systems engineering, transportation planning and management, financial engineering; seven master of science programs, two professional master programs; and seven undergraduate programs. Besides, there are International MBA, International Accounting and International Finance programs, cooperated with prominent universities abroad.

There are over 90 faculty members in the school. Most of them have the experience of studying abroad, or cooperative research in developed countries. With about 1300 undergraduates students, 1000 master students (including MBA and Master of Engineering), and 200 Ph.D. students in total, it is one of the largest schools at Beihang University.

Academic research is fruitful in this school. Over 300 projects have been undertaken, 41 projects have been awarded on National and Ministry level. Near 100 projects are supported by the National Science Foundation of China, within which there are 4 Key Projects and two Distinguished Youth Projects.

Since 1980, the School had offered over 100 training programs to executives and senior managers, and was honored the name of cradle for Executives of Aviation Industry.

The school is active in promoting academic cooperation and exchanges with the universities and organizations all over the world. Each year over 20 faculty members go abroad joining various academic activities. The School has hosted many international conferences, which help build a worldwide reputation.