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School of Instrumentation Science & Opto-electronics Engineering

The School of Instrumentation Scienc & Optoelectronics Engineering(SISOE) , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was formerly the Department of Measurement Technology & Instrument in the School of Automation Science & Electrical Engineering , the Department of Navigation Guidance & Control , the Institute of Optoelectronics Technology in the School of Aerospace. SISOE now consists of an Admission Office,the Department of Measurement Control &Information Technology, the Department of Inertia Technology & Navigation Guidance Instrument, the Department of Optoelectronics Engineering( the Institute of Optoelectronics) and The Educational Experiment Center.

Currently there are 76 faculty members in SISOE. Among them, there are one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one young outstanding professor awarded the title of ¡°Changjiang scholar¡±, 17 full professors (12of them are supervisors of Doctoral candidates) and 30 associate professors. In addition, one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering hold concurrent professorship post in SISOE.

The school has high level educational system from undergraduate to Doctor . There are two first level speciality(Instrumentation and Technology, Optics Engineering). Among them the first one has been authorized to offer Doctor degree programs and Master degree programs, and there is a post-doctor station(two secondary speciality doctor degree of Precision Instrument and Mechanism , Measurement Technology and Instrument .Precision Instrument and Mechanism is ranked as a key speciality in China.).The first level speciality of optics engineering has been authorized to offer Master degree programs.

The school has absolute characteristic and advantage in the area of Aeronautics and Astronautics Precision Instrument and System Technology, Advanced Sense Technology and Intelligent Test, Automatic Test and Control, Resonate Sense Technology, MEMS Sense Technology, Information Technology ,Aircraft Positioned Navigation Guidance and Control Technology, Fiber Optic Pad-top Technology, Integrated Optics Technology, Photoelectric Technology ,etc. Also the Institute of Astronautics Modern Information and Control Technology of Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense cooperates with our school. There are three undergraduate majors: Measurement technology and instrument, test Navigation Guidance & control technology, and Photoelectric Information Engineering.

At present, the total enrollment of students in SISOE is 700, including 400 undergraduate students , 240 Master candidates, 80 Doctoral candidates and 8 foreign students.