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School of Law

Law School of BUAA came into existence in July 2001. Its predecessor is the Law Department of Humanities and Social Science. At present, there are twenty-one full-time teachers. Among them are three professors, nine associate professors, nine teachers with PhD degree, and two teachers who are pursuing doctoral study.

Since its inception, the Law School have been adopting the school-running experience of famous universities home and abroad, relies on the powerful advantage of engineering courses of BUAA, cultivate legal experts with engineering course background to serve our state industry of aeronautics and astronautics and other industries.

Presently, there are three staff rooms-- "Theoretic Science of Law", "Practical Science of Law" and "Law Basic" --in Law School according to the needs of the school subject construction.

In 2000, the Law School of BUAA got the right to grant Master Degree of Civil and Commercial Law. There are Civil Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Labor Law four research directions. In September 2002, the first set of postgraduates was enrolled in the school. Till July 2004, there have been four crops of graduates. Over twenty graduates had passed the postgraduate examinations of Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, China Foreign Affairs University and Sun Yat-sen University.

The faculty of Law School is composed of full-time teachers and part-time teachers. The School is actively probing for new ways to promote education quality as well as economic benefits. It has been hiring famous scholars from Peking University and China Political Science and Law University, experts from Ministry of Justice, and Beijing judicial organ and well-known lawyers to be part-time professors, so as to introduce students to newest theories of law and new problems in judicial practice, create conditions for their professional intern and future jobs.

The improvement of Law School of BUAA still needs encouragement and support from all social circles.