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School of Software

Beihang University is a top engineering university in China with 14 academic fellows and above 1300 senior professors. There're more than 26,000 students including 1,500 doctoral students more than 6,000 master degree students. The main architect and chief engineers for the recently successfully launched China¡¯s first manned space flight, Shengzhou-5 Spacecraft, are proudly Beihang alumni.

Highly Ranked Academic Program in Computer Software: In the discipline of computer software, Beihang University is most recently jointly ranked as No. 1 in China officially by China's Ministry of Education.

Best Geo Location: Beihang University College of Software (BHCOS) is located in Beijing's Zhongguancun District, the very core area of China's ¡°Silicon Valley¡± and the best possible location in China.

We have the following programs in BHCOS; several of them are of leadership in China:

BHCOS launched IC Design Program with an initial enrollment of 90 graduate students of dual US-China MS degree programs with FIU ¨C the state university of Florida in Miami, sponsored by VIA Technologies, Inc. IC design engineers are of severe shortage in China.

For our Japanese Software Application and Development program, the market needs for these students are 10 times or hundreds of times of our enrolled students in this program. Our 2003-class students of 60 have all accepted positions in Japanese companies in Japan.

BHCOS firstly establishes the Advanced Software Marketing and Project Management program. Graduate students of this program will gain ¡°Master Certificate of IT Project Management¡± offered by Project Management College and Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School of Public Policy and Management in addition to our Master degree.

BHCOS has established the one and only IT Project Supervisory Program in Oct¡¯03, a highly demanded program in China because it is mandated by government that all large IT projects must be supervised by a third party.

The Computer Game Design and Development Program is the earliest launched program in China with an extremely high market demand.

Software Quality and Testing: Mercury Interactive, the world largest testing software vendor occupying about 60% world market, sets up their only China testing lab in BHCOS.

Software Engineering and Management: a traditional program that Beihang has a strength

Information Security is a newly established program with a substantial market needs.

Most International College

BHCOS is currently offering dual US-China MS degree, with 90 graduate students enrolled in fall¡¯03, all taught in English. New graduate students will be enrolled again in fall¡¯04. More US and Canadian degree programs will be offered.

About 50% faculties are foreign or have received advanced graduate degrees from advanced nations and can lecture courses in English or Japanese.

About 90% courses are offered bilingually and 1/3 courses are offered in English.

Strong Domestic Influence and Leadership

We are chairing the National Committee for Software Engineering Master Degree Programs, coordinating curriculum development works and related issues.

The liaison office of the Council of Colleges of Software is operated within Beihang College of Software, and we are serving as its General Secretary. This office represents the alliance of 35 National Model Colleges of Software across China.

Academic Leaders (all computer science professors)

Beihang U President Dr. Wei Li : Member of China Academy of Science

First Vice President of Beihang U. Dr. Huai Jingpeng: Chief Scientist of China's High Technology Committee

Dr. Zhao Qingping: Current Vice Minister of Education of China

Prof. Zhou Bosheng and his assistant Professor Chaoying Wu are the only two CMU authorized ¡°CMM Lead Assessors¡± in China.

Strong International and Domestic Industry Alliances

Beihang U Science and Technology Park (Beihang STP) has been designated officially by the Chinese government as a National Software Exporting Bases nationwide with Beijing being the largest concentration of software industry in China. Beihang STP boasts a class-A office building of more than 1.2 million sq ft, and is increasing such space at about 1 mil sq ft a year in the next a few years. Many Fortune 500 companies and China's biggest IT companies have their IT operations in Beihang STP. Our students can walk to these companies in just a few minutes.

BHCOS has established industrial partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, VIA, and most Chinese leading IT firms.

Scholarship to Students beyond 150,000RMB from Industry