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Department of Project Systems Engineering

The Department and the Research Institute constitute an unit to take on multiple tasks on the fields of teaching, scientific research, and engineering programs. Under the leadership of Prof. Yang Weimin, the unit was established in 1985. Since then, adhering to the development principle of Requirements Driving, Engineering Oriented, Combining with Practices and Being Bold in Making Innovations, and relying on the Teamworking and Institutional Development concepts, the unit has been making huge creative efforts to promote the implementations of systems engineering and reliability engineering. Now, this unit possesses a high quality teaching and research team with comprehensive disciplines as well as many labs equipped with a diverse spectrum of advanced test equipment..

The unit has formed a complete education system to train the under-graduate and graduate students and direct post-doctor studies. There are more than 30 courses being offered right now by the unit. It also has been providing the government organizations, institutions, military services, industries, enterprises, etc. with large number of disciplinary engineering and management talents. At the same time, People from all walks of live can also get their on-job training from the unit .

In recent years, the unit has completed more than 300 scientific research and hi-tec programs, including advanced research programs on common concerns and basic research programs on defense technologies, as well as a great amount of engineering tests.

The unit has established several national and ministerial key labs, including Multipurpose Aviation Reliability Lab, Destructive Physical Analysis Lab for Electronic Components, Inspection Center of the Components Management Center of Aviation Industry, Software Test and Evaluation Center for Aviation Industry, Quality and Reliability Information Center for Aviation Industry, RMS (reliability, maintainability, and supportability) CAD Lab, Virtual Reality Technology Lab, etc.

In support of the national key engineering projects, the unit has been undertaking the requirements and indexes justification and verification; design analysis and development test; software engineering management; electronic components testing, screening, and destructive physical analysis; and the establishment of quality and reliability information system, etc. for more than 200 programs.

As the systems engineering and reliability engineering being implemented comprehensively and developed in depth, the unit has been making huge efforts in the fields of engineering and technical training, striving to make technological breakthrough, hardware and software development, research results transfer, and others and achieved considerable social and economical benefits.

The applications and implementations of RMS theories and technologies are in powerful demand both in scientific research and production areas. We always pay attention to continuously strengthening the international scientific and technological exchange and associated cooperation, learning and tracing the worldwide development in related areas. We also wholeheartedly welcome all the professional personnel (both home and abroad) joining our ranks to promote the cause of reliability engineering and systems engineering growing steadily in our country.