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School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Public Administration of Beihang University was established in 1997, based on original Department of Public Administration, Department of Social Science and Institute of Higher Education. Now our teaching units include Department of Public Administration, Academy of MPA Education, Department of Economics, Department of Marxist Theory, Center of Culture and Art Education. Our research units include Institute of Higher Education, Institute of Science & Technology and Social Development, Institute of Public Policy, Institute of sociology, Institute of International Studies. We also have some assistant units such as Center of Books and Data, Center of Computer Teaching, Laboratory of Modern Public Administrating Technology, Laboratory of Government Management, etc. At present we own one doctor¡¯s degree program, seven master¡¯s degree programs. We have 18 professors and 30 associate professors. Besides we also retain more than 10 part-time or visiting professors from universities and institutes inland and overseas. The teachers who owned Ph.D are more than 30 percent of our full teachers. Our undergraduate subjects include public administration and economics. Our postgraduate subjects include philosophy of science and technology, public affairs administration, educational economics and management, educational methodology, higher education, country economics and MPA. Our doctorial subject includes educational economics and management. Our scientific research fund is about £¤1,500,000 annually. Teachers publish over 100 academic articles per annum. Presently, our school has over 1,000 students.

Our school has 64 teachers and staffs, whose fields of research involve administration, education, economics, philosophy and law. Our outstanding research fields are engineering education, public policy, history of science and technology, policy of national defence, policy and management of science and technology and research of psychologic consultation.

At the beginning of 2002, we richly investigated the direction of development of our school and decided to focus on public administration. Meanwhile we will still excellently accomplish the assignments of teaching public classes. In the near future, our school will center on public administration. Our tasks include :1) apply for doctorial programs such as public affairs administration, history of science and technology, higher education and philosophy of science and technology; 2) construct public administration as first-degree subject; 3) apply for some other programs of master¡¯s degree.