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High Quality Services

High Quality Services


The school invested approximately 1.3 million RMB in building such facilities as digital multimedia network, computer rooms and a multifunctional center. Among the 29 classrooms are 7 large ones which can house 60 persons and 22 small ones which can contain 20 persons. Total areas for classrooms reach 1,200 square meters. The School is also equipped with state-of-the-art electronic white boards, reaching international levels in both facility availability and function.


Extracurricular Activities

To enrich life of international students:

l  We organize one-help-one program, one Chinese student helping one international student with Chinese language learning.

l  We offer free training courses designed to help pass HSK 6.

l  We offer free training courses designed to help pass Business Chinese Test (BCT).

l  We offer free training courses designed to help pass Oral Chinese Proficiency Test (HKC).

l  We deliver lectures on Chinese History and Culture (e.g. Chinese calligraphy and Painting) and we have Chinese Corner.

l  We hold international students’ speech competition and debate competition per semester.

l  We have international students take part in athletic meeting per semester.

l  We organize free visit tours and extra cultural practice four times per semester in Beijing (The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Capital Museum etc).

l  We organize visit tours outside Beijing per semester (Shanghai Xian and Yun Nan etc).


Beijing Union University International Student Residence is reserved for long-term and short-term international students studying at School of International Education of BUU. Two buildings are available for international students: Building C and Building D. There are 107 Standard Rooms with 208 beds. All rooms are designed and furnished at the standard of 3 or 4 star hotel. Besides, we also provide favorable price and high-standard service to our students. All rooms are equipped with air conditionertelevisiontelephone and private bathroom so as to provide reasonable comfort for the occupants and facilitate tidiness.




l  Single Room RMB80/day/per person Private Bathroom12 sq.m     

l  Standard Room RMB60/day/per personPrivate Bathroom, 20 sq.m

l  Standard Room RMB50day/per personPrivate Bathroom 15 sq.m

l  Standard Room RMB45/day/per personPrivate Bathroom 13 sq.m

l  Standard Room RMB35/day/per personPublic Bathroom13 sq.m