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Transportation Guide

Dear Students,

Welcome to Beijing Foreign Studies University. Below is some important information about arriving at BFSU. Please read it carefully.


Arrival: Pick-up at the airport

a.In the following, Beijing Foreign Studies University will be arranged for staff at the airport terminal building T3 (T1 and T2 have a free airport bus terminal to terminal T3) to assist new students return to school:

l  September 2, the time for them to stay 9:00 am-19: 00, school bus departure time: 10:30; 14:00; 19:00

l  September 3, the time for them to stay 9:00 am-14: 00, school bus departure time: 10:30; 14:00

 (The BFSU representative will be holding a sign at the customs gate of Terminal. Please inform us your flight and arrival date in advance)

b If your arrival date does not correspond with any of the preceding dates, these are your following options:

1) You may take the airport shuttle bus line 4. You will need to buy a ticket and it is 16RMB. Take the bus to Gong Zhu Fen and get off at the Beijing TV Station (Beijing Dianshi Tai). This stop is only 200m away from BFSU. If you’re not confident in your Chinese speaking skills or you have a lot of luggage, this may not be the option for you. It may be a hassle to walk to campus while carrying your luggage. First bus: 7:00, Last train: 23:00.

2) Right out of the airport there is a Taxi Stand. It will cost you about 100RMB to take a taxi to BFSU. Don’t forget to take the receipt (fa piao) to verify the bill. Be careful when getting out of the airport; only get into a taxi at the taxi stand.