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Students services


A Due to the shortage of rooms, we only accept the room reservations which check-in date starts from August 25th,. If you arrive before the check-in date, we might not be able to provide the accommodation.

b. If you have reserved a room on campus at BFSU, you can go directly to your dorm building.

(Guojiao Building on East Campus; The White building, the Building 6 and the Building 7 on West Campus)

c.There is a 400RMB room deposit fee due upon check in.

d.If you are live off campus, you need to register at the local police station to get the Registration Form of Temporary Residence with your landlord within 24 hours after you move in. Students who live off campus must provide legal residence certificate. Otherwise you could not register at BFSU and the Public Security Bureau will not conduct any visa procedure.

e. During your period of study at BFSU if you choose to move off campus, one extra month of the accommodation fee will be kept, and the rest returned to you.



a. You can either pay tuition and fees before arriving to campus by transferring money to BFSU’s bank account or pay upon registration. You may either pay by semester or for the complete year. If you transfer money please keep the receipt of the transaction. You will need this in order to prove that you’ve already paid your tuition and fees. If you do not pay the full semester tuition, you will not be able to attend BFSU.

b. For special case if payment is later than September 15th, the sum of 5% the fee will be added as a delay charge.

c. For personal reasons if you drop out class within two weeks, 20% of the tuition fee will be kept, the rest returned to you; within four weeks 50%;more than four weeks no refund will be given.( from the first day of registration)



a.With an X visa, you must get a physical examination. If you cannot get one completed before leaving your home country, you can get one here. The physical cannot be older than 6 months. Any lab tests you have completed, you must have the actual lab results with your physical exam paper. Your physical must be notarized. When you get to BFSU you must go to the hospital to have your physical exam papers verified. If you have no problems, the fee is only 60RMB. However, if you are missing something, it can cost up to 400RMB.

This must be completed in order for the police to change your visa.

b. If you have a student X visa, you have 30 days to be registered with the police. If your 30 days expire before the police can change your visa, it is a fine of 500 RMB per day after it expired. Please be careful if you come to China to travel before going to BFSU. It will cost about 460RMB to get one year or less residency permit.  

c. With an F visa, if the valid days are shorter than the days of your study, the fee of about 190-940 RMB will be needed to prolong your F visa.


Medical Insurance:

It is a new Chinese government policy that all foreign students who will study one semester or more should have Medical and Accident Insurance. (Insurance can be purchased from China Ping’ an Insurance Company upon registration; the fee is 300RMB for one semester or 600 RMB for the whole year) .Students without medical insurance will not be enrolled as international students at BFSU.