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About International School of Business

International School of Business at Beijing Foreign Studies University was established to create a truly progressive business education program set on the basis of integrating an American business teaching model with a deep understanding of Asian cultures. Its campus, located in the capital of China, provides the perfect background for such a dynamic program, centering on Chinese businesses and their relationships with foreign countries.

Study in BFSU

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 International School of Business offers students a most pertinent and unique combination of subjects, addressing contemporary Chinese business concerns, Chinese culture, Asian values and advanced Western and American business practice and management. Students are encouraged to develop themselves into responsible, ethical business leaders who solve contentious issues with a strong practical and theoretical grounding and cultural sensitivity. All class instruction and discussions of contemporary business issues are done in English, drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our international faculty. In addition, an interactive and applied teaching model is followed in order to give students valuable practical experience in the real life.

Chinese helps students to understand the local culture and economic pattern better and to get rewarding internship and employment opportunities locally and abroad.