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Points of Pride

In the past 50 years, China University of Political Science and Law has played a unique and irreplaceable role in consolidating the political power of the Republic, safeguarding social stability and promoting political and legal progress of the country. It has made special contribution to the innovation and development of legal education and research and created many of the firsts in terms of legal education in the new China since its founding. It is the first university to offer the discipline of legal history, civil commercial law, economic law, procedural law and comparative law. The first group of doctors in legal history also graduated here from CUPL.

In the past 50 years, academic findings and achievements of CUPL have been constantly applied in China’s legislative and judicial practice. From the drafting of the 1954 Constitution of the People's Republic of China, to the promulgation of the Anti-Secession Law, the enactment and implementation of almost every major law of the Republic can reflect the work and efforts of CUPL people. Since 1978 when it was rehabilitated, over 1000 CUPL crew have participated in the deliberation and draft work of the nation's major legislations.

With care and support from relevant state departments and all walks of society, the University has developed its own features in teaching, academic research, discipline set-up and other various areas, enjoying a prominent and all-round advantage in the studies of law.

Now it has become China’s important base of legal education and center of foreign exchange in law and  the teaching and research areas of its legal faculty cover almost all the second-class disciplines of law.