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Two of Our International Students Received the 2017 "Distinguished International Students in China Scholarship Award"

Warm Congratulations to our students MR. 纳科亚NAKOYA and MR. 伊罗YILUO for being awarded the 2017 Chinese Government Scholarship Distinguished International Students, with the award amounting to 30,000 RMB.

The " Distinguished International Students in China Scholarship Award " project was started in 2015 by the is the ministry of education. This was aimed at recognizing and commending the international students with outstanding scientific research abilities and excellent academic performance, motivating them to study hard and make efforts to improve the overall level of international students in China. In both 2015 and 2016, our school had in each year one student who won this award.

In 2017, a total of 185 positions were available for more than 280 colleges and universities across the country, where these academic institutions could recommend their eligible students to compete. Our University recommended two students, MR. 纳科亚NAKOYA(Passport Name:KOYA ALEMAYEHU NANA) from Ethiopia and MR. 伊罗YILUO (passport name: KASHERO ENOCK LEWA) from Kenya. These two stood out among the nearly 1, 000 outstanding competitors recommended by different colleges and universities and got the rewarded.

NAKOYA(Passport Name:KOYA ALEMAYEHU NANA)joined our school in 2013 for a PHD research under the supervision of Professor Lin Jingquan. From the time he joined our school, MR. 纳科亚NAKOYA invested a lot of time and energy in learning and researching. During his four academic years, he published 5 SCI papers and 1 EI publications in the international core journals: 《App. Phys. Rev》、《Plasmonics》、《J. Appl. Phys》.

MR. 伊罗YILUO(Passport Name:KASHERO ENOCK LEWA) joined our School of Electronics and Information Engineering in 2014 for a Master Degree research program under the supervision of Professor Song ZhengXun. While in school, MR. 伊罗YILUO was an outstanding student with a strong research ability. He managed to publish two publications as the first author in core journals 《Optics Communications》、《Semiconductor Optoelectronics》 among other publications. He was also received the "Changchun University of Science and Technology 2017 Excellent master thesis" award for master's thesis research work. He not only had excellent results but he also actively participated in various kinds of cultural activities organized by the university. He was also an active sports persons and on many occasions represented the school in the "Changchun foreign friends games" among other school organization's activities.

Congratulations to MR. 纳科亚NAKOYA(Passport Name:KOYA

ALEMAYEHU NANA)and MR. 伊罗YILUO (passport name: KASHERO ENOCK LEWA)  and their instructors!

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