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Our University Has Approved the Construction of Doctoral Degree Award in Shandong Province

Recently, the Shandong Provincial People's government announced the 2017-2023 Doctoral Degree Committee awarded a master's degree in the project construction unit (nurture) list, the unit application, experts, and provincial Degree Committee voted and then finalized, our school in Shandong province approved doctorate awarded A class project construction unit.

 The construction of the doctoral degree awarded project provides a rare development opportunity for the construction of our university, which provides a higher level platform for the development of school features. We will take this opportunity, according to the degree authorization application basic conditions released by the state council degree committee, to closely connect the development of national and regional major strategy, formulate scientific plan of project construction, improve management by objectives, strengthen the overall planning and enhance the comprehensive strength of our university so as to achieve a priority add status in the new round of the audit degree authorization.                             

There are 13 universities in the construction unit of the doctoral program, which is published this time, including 5 units of class A, 7 units of class B, and 1 construction unit.