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International college holds the first international student clinical skill competition

On May 24, 2012 clinical skills contest for international students of capital medical university was successfully held in xuanwu hospital (first clinical hospital).

This contest is the first university-level clinical skill competition for international students held by the international college, which is held by xuanwu hospital. 20 internship students from grade 2012 to participate in the competition, the xuanwu hospital, friendship hospital, chaoyang hospital, tongren hospital, and the temple of heaven hospital by organizing college skill examination, the recommended four delegates. This contest special invited vice director, director of education ya-jun wang jian-guo, xuanwu hospital Zhu Qingshuang, deputy director of the institute of international dean wang qian and experts from the affiliated clinical hospital as the judges of the contest. The contest comprehensively examines the knowledge application, clinical thinking, skill operation, communication, analysis and problem solving ability of the contestants, as well as their teamwork spirit and humanistic quality. The competition adopts the scoring method of double examiners and the final total score. After a competitive sport to assess a group of three prize, an individual had five and six, xuanwu hospital won the group first prize, friendship hospital and tongren hospital respectively group, second prize and third prize, which KHAN MOHSEEN, WAWAN HARYANTO and ARUM LULUR ASIH RAZAK three students all at the same time of the three groups, individuals and individual awards, consistent affirmation by the contest judges.

Through the clinical skills contests, international college and the clinical medical college of close cooperation, in order to promote learning, improve the skills of the students operation ability, and strengthened the emphasizes on the requirement of clinical skills, and to establish a scientific, standardized, standardized international college of clinical skills training system, and realize the sustainable development of clinical medical education quality and cultivate all-round development laid a solid foundation of international medical talents.